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Our Mission. Our Team. Our Values.


Our mission is to provide trusted operations partnerships for fast-growing small digital marketing agencies based in the US and with remote international teams.


Our vision is to democratize agency operations by empowering agency founders and their teams with strategic operations management, fostering an environment where growth and efficiency coexist harmoniously.



Leah Leaves

I’ve been a remote professional working with small online businesses and digital agencies since 2007. I believe in creating partnerships with a purpose and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me and my team, you can expect collaboration with transparency and consistency.


Tracy Murray
Business Coordinator

I focus on coordinating the day-to-day operations to drive business development forward. With a corporate background in healthcare management, I love the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of the digital marketing world, and bringing the components together to create the larger vision. With a true passion for organization, I support our projects, team, and systems so Alderaan can continue to be a leader in digital agency operations and growth.

Michael profile picture.png

Michael Leaves
Special Events Coordinator

As Alderaan’s Special Events Coordinator, I ensure our team and clients feel completely cared for, supported, and successful during on-site events and meetings. This means taking care of all event-related items from planning and logistics, to providing exemplary customer service and taking care of everyone’s needs throughout the event. My love for event management was born from enjoying making connections throughout my career, combined with a quite clever sense of humor and desire to bring joy to people. Outside of Alderaan, you can find me fly fishing, hiking the Rockies, and perfecting my Jedi mind tricks for the greater good of all. What I find most exciting about digital marketing is its data-driven nature and constant evolution. It's a field that keeps me on my toes, always seeking new ways to make an impact, which is why I’ve invested a great deal of my time learning new things.  When I'm not immersed in the digital world, you'll likely find me in a galaxy far, far away (huge Star Wars fan!), exploring the wizarding world of Harry Potter, or diving into epic video game adventures. I absolutely love spending time with my husband and our 2 furbabies.


Chardy Hoshino
Account Manager

With a diverse background in digital marketing, Chardy is deeply committed to turning visions into scalable systems and processes while prioritizing client success. His expertise in building efficient internal operations and fostering strong client relationships makes him a valuable asset to our team.


Louise Leaves,
Administrative Assistant

As our Admin Assistant, I have a love for organization and helping maintain structure in digital workspaces. Drawing upon my extensive background in administrative roles, including supporting operations and managing the administrative tasks of a private small business, I endeavor to help streamline daily operations so our teams can operate efficiently and focus on exceptional delivery for customers!


Kelly Garcia
Operations Manager

Kelly plays a pivotal role in streamlining client services and enhancing operational efficiency. She adeptly handles everything from developing standard operating procedures to supporting recruitment efforts and system maintenance, ensuring that our clients always receive top-notch support. Her educational journey through Art Direction at Savannah College of Art & Design and Marketing Communications at Columbia College Chicago infuses a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking into her work, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Approachable and driven, she is deeply committed to Alderaan’s mission of integrity and success, a reflection seen daily in her customer-focused approach to operations management. When she’s not at work, she can be found lifting weights, diving into video games, or enjoying time with her family, activities that recharge and inspire her creative professional endeavors.

Emily Bryant COO.jpg

Emily Bryant
Operations Manager

Meet Emily, your seasoned Operations Manager with a knack for simplifying the complex and driving success within agencies. With her background as an agency owner and extensive coaching experience, Emily brings a unique blend of empathy and results-driven methodology to the table. She's your go-to guru for fine-tuning internal processes, fostering remote team dynamics, and implementing nifty automation tricks to boost efficiency and free up time for the fun stuff.


Armed with a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership, a Diploma in Marketing, and a proud badge as an Asana Ambassador, Emily is all about streamlining operations while keeping teams on track. What really gets her going? The transformative power of digital marketing on clients' businesses—just like yours. With a knack for analysis and change management, Emily's here to drive meaningful outcomes and level up your agency game. Ready to make operations smoother than a well-oiled machine? Emily's got you covered.

Jenessa El Jarra (1).jpg

Jenessa El Jarra
Operations Manager

Meet Jenessa, your go-to Operations Manager keeping things running smoothly with her hands-on approach. From day-to-day operations to team support, she's all about creating processes that make your agency shine. 


What sets Jenessa apart? Her openness, honesty, and genuine passion for supporting others as if it were her own business. With a knack for diving deep and getting things done, she's your reliable ally in the trenches. Armed with degrees in Computer Aided Design and Interior Design, plus certification as a Digital Business Manager, she's ready to tackle any challenge head-on. Beyond work, she's a proud mom, farmer, and outdoor enthusiast. With Jenessa on your team, you can trust your operations are in capable hands, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

John Garcia
Operations Manager

John is the go-to guru for Operations, Project, and People Management. With over a decade in video game production, marketing, and live operations, John brings a wealth of experience to the table.


What sets John apart? His belief that continuous improvement is key—no process is ever perfect, and there's always room to grow. Armed with a BFA in Interactive Design & Game Development, certification as a Scrum Master, and advanced Agile training, John is primed to optimize your operations. But John's not just about work. He's an avid gamer, D&D enthusiast, football fan, woodworker, and rock climber. Plus, he's a proud father of twin girls, two dogs, and over 90 houseplants. With John on your team, you not only get top-notch expertise but also a whole lot of personality and passion.

Gina Lambert

Gina Lambert
Operations Manager

Meet Gina Lambert, your agency's workflow wizard, specializing in crafting simple yet effective workflows to keep teams on track and agencies running smoothly. With a direct yet compassionate approach, Gina treats each task as if it were her own, always leading with a servant's heart. Aligned with Alderaan's values, she believes in fostering consistent growth for everyone at the table while prioritizing integrity in all her endeavors. Armed with an MBA focusing on project management and certifications as an Online Business Manager and Management and Performance Coach, Gina brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Beyond her professional pursuits, Gina is a dedicated wife and mom, constantly refining her sourdough skills and tending to her kitchen's array of vibrant flowers.




At Alderaan, being 'Fueled by Growth' is more than a core value—it pulses through every aspect of our work. Inspired by Gino Wickman’s Traction, we have embraced a philosophy where growth is not just a goal but a constant presence in our lives. Each step forward propels us to the next, creating a self-sustaining cycle of learning, applying, adapting, and improving. Our team is driven by an insatiable hunger to push boundaries, solve problems, and expand our capabilities. This relentless drive ensures that we not only meet the expectations set before us but exceed them, continually achieving new heights together. In every task we undertake, this spirit of dynamic, endless growth guides us, fueling our journey and the successes of those we partner with.



'Empower to Elevate' is about igniting the drive within every team member and channeling it toward collective success. You bring the urgency, the high standards, and the big visions; we provide the structure, the support, and the empowerment to turn those visions into achievements. Our partnership thrives on a shared commitment to excellence—pushing boundaries, elevating expectations, and achieving more together.


This core value is about more than just reaching goals; it's about creating a cycle of success where empowerment leads to higher performance, which in turn drives even greater rewards. These rewards manifest not only as profit growth and enhanced efficiency but also as profound personal pride and communal recognition. By fostering an environment where everyone is empowered to excel, we ensure that our collective achievements are sustainable and deeply fulfilling, leaving us all more connected to our work and to each other.



At Alderaan, 'Expect the Best From Yourself' means mastering the challenges of remote collaboration with integrity and accountability. When issues arise—like a missed update or an unexpected schedule change—we respond swiftly and transparently, maintaining trust and ensuring continuity. Our proactive communication ensures that every team member understands their role in fostering a reliable and respectful working environment.


We emphasize the importance of quick, responsible actions to not only meet but exceed expectations. This commitment builds a strong, engaged team where trust is not just expected but ingrained, allowing us to achieve collective success in the dynamic world of remote work.

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