Remote People Operations Coordinator (contractor) Job Opening


We are looking for an organized team player with an eagle eye for the details, an enthusiasm for supporting their teammates above all else, and a soft spot for making things better than they found them. 



This is a remote contract role for one of my clients' digital marketing agencies, with an hourly rate of $38-$48/hour based on experience. Hours start at 5-8 per week, and have room to grow for the right fit.

Ideal location is based in the US, but I'm open to chatting if you're in Canada, too.



As a People Ops Coordinator, you are responsible for …

  1. Recruiting & HRM – Full cycle recruiting and human resources coordination (specifically having a hand in the entire employee lifecycle)

  2. Internal Traffic Control – Coordinating & delegating the team activities that deliver on paid media campaigns, branding, email marketing, social media, SEO, and more

  3. Process Management – Overseeing operational systems, processes, and infrastructure while looking for opportunities of improvement or revision


This means you’ll be doing … ​

Recruiting / Human Resources Coordination

  • Maintain confidentiality and professionalism on all employee, contractor, and vendor information

  • Facilitate efficient team member onboarding and offboarding through administrative tasks and improve the experience of all team members with your interpersonal skills

  • Enhance team engagement through remote activities, planning team retreats, and coordinating other remote team member perks

  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills, the ability to multi-task and appropriately manage their time, and a very strong ability to handle confidential information

  • Build the ability to connect with team members and display empathy when communicating with team members

  • Assist in long term career path planning and team member development

  • Build expertise in the day-to-day admin of core People platforms and tools

Traffic Control

  • Coordinate the marketing team activities that deliver on paid media campaigns, branding, email marketing, social media, SEO, and more

  • Act as a ‘traffic controller’ for operations, effectively tracking the onboarding of new clients, assigning the responsibility of Account Lead internally to team members, and reporting to the Executive team on bandwidth and resources

  • Provide effective management for the operations team members and serve as their guidepost for determining weekly priorities

    • Develop a team culture, where expertise is shared, staff are continually learning, and innovation practice is the norm

  • General operations management, including creating timelines for internal project deliverables, setting and keeping deadlines with the team on quarterly goals, and coordinating with all team members and vendors


Process Management & Improvement

  • Oversees operational systems, processes, and infrastructure while looking for opportunities of improvement or revision

  • Develop and record standard operating procedures, best practices, and other training materials

  • Stay up to date with digital marketing trends

  • Works closely with CEO and COO on other special planning and departmental projects


Within the Operations department, you’ll work closely with the CEO and COO, as well as other senior team leaders.

We communicate through Slack and manage workloads through Teamwork (our project management platform). 


  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with internal and external stakeholders in both written and verbal settings

  • Track record of removing bottlenecks and improving efficiency in day-to-day operations 

  • Excellent interpersonal communication and organizing skills to coordinate team member activities

  • Strong project management skills

  • Team player; always eager to pitch in and learn from others (and yourself)

  • Proactive problem solver, with the ability to be adaptable and flexible to an often changing remote work environment



During our hiring process, we’ll be looking for this type of prior experience: 

  • 2+ years of people operations experience

  • Experience with 

    • Managing multidisciplinary digital marketing teams, 

    • Ensuring a collaborative work environment,

    • Addressing operational concerns and issues, 

    • Monitoring overall customer satisfaction

    • Developing and implementing operational procedures and policies

  • Prior remote work experience

  • Strong Google Workspace experience

  • Previous agency experience a plus


Send an email to jobs[at]alderaanenterprise[dot]com with the subject line "People Ops Coordinator Application - [Your Name]" and the following information:

  • A short Loom video introducing yourself, where you're located, why you're applying to this role, your 30-second pitch on why you're the best fit for it, and the password 'elephant'

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile (and your website if you have one)

  • At least one question you have for me to answer for you

I read and respond to every email and am looking forward to hearing from YOU!