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Team work


Don’t Take My Word for It

Tim Sprinkle, Agency Founder,
Layup Content


"Leah is an INTEGRAL component of the SUCCESSFUL growth and scaling of Optidge. Thank you for being a true partner, I am extremely grateful and lucky that you are on the team."

Danny Gavin, Agency Founder + Chief Strategist, Optidge


"WOW! I cannot put into words how much you have helped me improve and systemize and organize this business and how invaluable you have become in such a short time. You don’t miss a thing and it’s amazing and insanely helpful to have someone like that in our COO chair."

John Nemo, Agency Owner & CEO, Nemo Media Group


“I strongly recommend that you hire Leah Leaves if you are looking for an operational leader who is professional, thorough, and capable of learning and adapting to the changes in your business.

I worked with Leah for over seven years as her manager at Ramblin Jackson. During that time, Leah served in many positions, including Chief Operations Officer, where she managed vendors and employees. Leah was a major contributor to the operations of the company as we grew from a small, dysfunctional team of freelancers to a well-run $1M organization with 10+ full-time employees. Leah made lasting developments to our processes, operations, and most importantly, to the people who reported directly to her.

Leah was continually hard working, always learning, loyal to the company and team, and committed to the success of the organization including its people, profits, and clients.”

Jack Jostes, President + CEO, Ramblin Jackson


“Leah is the heavy-hitter you bring in to help you take a great idea to reality.

I watched Leah work next to a very demanding, creative, and driven CEO and she was able to organize him, craft procedures, and build processes to bring us from struggling to highly profitable. If you have something good going but you are rebuilding the processes each time and answering the same questions then you need to bring on Leah Leaves.”

Robert Felton, Marketing & Sales Strategist, Ramblin Jackson


“I was once told that the greatest leaders lead by example and after working with Leah over the past few years she has proven that statement to be true.

I’ve never seen anyone lead by example the way that Leah does.

Leah is a hard worker with one of the best work ethics I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. She has an incredible ability to consistently balance multiple tasks at once with near perfection and is great at creating or improving processes to make them easy for the rest of the team to follow which has helped the team at Ramblin Jackson run extremely efficiently. It has been very enjoyable working with Leah over the years, and I would highly recommend that every business owner has a Leah Leaves on their team!”

Lou Divers, WordPress Web Developer, Ramblin Jackson


“[Leah is] an expert in project management and coordinating a fully remote team - nearly every management system was completely developed by Leah. She worked closely with the company's founder to identify innovative solutions to improve efficiency and productivity amongst the entire team and also clients.

Leah's initiative to lead the team successfully ensures that she's the best fit for any management role.”

Sam Gaytan, Senior SEO Director, Multiple Agencies

"I'd recommend Alderaan to any company trying to document their company's standard operating procedures in any easy, intuitive manner that requires minimal internal time."

Erica Prush, Director of Content Strategy,
Break of Dawn

dana-miller-headshot (1).jpg

"Alderaan excels in communicating with me - keeping me informed of their support and gently holding me accountable as well. They are professional and proactive - initiating actions that help grow my business. Their service and support have been invaluable in keeping my business thriving."

Dana Miller, Founder & CEO,
Executive Financial Insights


"The social media support was immensely helpful and wouldn't have been done if not for your team. However, the biggest impact/value was in visioning the future of The Marketing Handyman. I have a much better grasp on the bigger picture and am excited to work ON my business! Everyone on the team was great - reliable, creative, attentive to feedback, and fast turn-arounds. They helped manage me, which is exactly what I needed!"

Michael Rosenzweig, Founder,
The Marketing Handyman

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