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Case Study

Here's How We Helped Nemo Media Group UNBLOCK OPERATIONS
Leading to Doubled Revenue in JUST 8 Months!

The Agency

  • Nemo Media Group

  • Founded by John Nemo over a decade ago.

  • Agency Focus: B2B lead generation through outbound LinkedIn and content marketing.

The Problem 


- John was drowning in daily operations with no clear way out.

- Leading all major business functions: sales, project and client management, hiring, strategy and implementation, and more.

- His agency was growing, but the work quality was suffering, and his work-life balance was nonexistent.

The Solution


Together we:

- Outlined the vision and core values to act as the roadmap.

- Setup processes and procedures to keep John from being the bottleneck.

- Standardized team delivery, eliminating time-wasting inefficiencies.

- Enacted performance incentives and professional development opportunities for the team.

The Results - in ONLY 8 months:


Team Tripled, from 6 to 18

maintained double-digit profit margin

high client satisfaction

The Experience

"WOW! I cannot put into words how much you have helped me improve and systemize and organize this business and how invaluable you have become in such a short time. You don’t miss a thing and it’s amazing and insanely helpful to have someone like that in our COO chair."


John Nemo, Agency Owner & CEO, Nemo Media Group

The Next Step

Ready to experience the results yourself?

Discover a personalized approach tailored to your unique style, values, services, and organizational size. The common thread in our work together is the transformative impact on your team's health, tangible progress toward your goals, and a significant reduction in stress. Ultimately, our operations services are designed to empower you, the agency owner, to rediscover satisfaction and enjoyment in the business you founded.

Working from Home
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